Beechwood get a surprise Christmas gift of £6,000

Adam Deering, from Pride Planning
Adam Deering from Pride Planning

Beechwood Cancer Care Centre has been given a surprise Christmas gift of £6,000 to provide new furnishing for their counselling and therapy rooms.

The charity donation came from Adam Deering, from Pride Planning in Stockport, who has also pledged to make sure every child that visits Beechwood gets a Worry Monster, which helps during counselling sessions.

Adam said: “At this time of year, we can all get wrapped up in the commercial side of Christmas but when you see the work Beechwood does with families who are going through really difficult times it puts things in perspective.

“We at Pride Planning just wanted to make it a bit easier for them.”

Pride Planning, which provides pre-paid funeral plans, have been supporters of Beechwood for the past year after reading about the repeat break-ins at their charity shops.

They came to the rescue by funding security shutters at the Heald Green store earlier in the year to ensure that the property was secure.

Angela Gray, fundraising manager for Beechwood, said: “We are totally delighted with the donation, it was just like Santa appearing, not only with a fantastic cheque but then to provide all our children with the Worry Monsters was just incredible.

“The idea of the monsters are that children put their worries inside before they go to bed and the monster eats them away. It is a great help for our children who have lost a loved one.”

Beechwood offers support to those living with cancer and other life-limiting illness, as well as their relatives and carers, and a family centre to help support young people and all family members through a diagnosis or a bereavement.

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