Burnley sign 15-year-old Hale Barns pupil

Kian Yari

Burnley have signed talented St Ambrose College football star Kian Yari.

The Hale Barns 15-year-old is currently sitting 11 GCSEs but after next summer will leave school to continue his education with Burnley both on and off the football field.

Midfielder Kian started playing at Hale United when he was just four.

“I still remember the games and am thankful to all the volunteers who run that club and to those at Broadheath Central where I went next,” he said. “They provide a good grounding for any young footballer.”

After brief spells at both Manchester United and Manchester City, Kian found his spiritual home at Burnley where he has been training for the last six years.

Kian added: “I love it at Burnley; it’s a club that really cares about its young players and the wider community and I have seen the club on the up and up and hopefully we will regain our Premiership spot this year.”

Kian combines his studies with training four times a week and a game on Sundays and knows he will have to work hard to earn his chance.

He added: “It’s a hugely competitive environment but we all know that and we all want each other to succeed. I am determined to work my hardest and hopefully have a career in football, if not on the pitch then connected to the game.”

Dale Krause, who is Kian’s Head of House at St Ambrose College, said: “Kian is a cracking lad who has earned his shot with a top football club. Everyone at St Ambrose will be wishing him well and hoping we can add a top class footballer to the ranks of our alumni.”


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