Charity launched to help young cricketers in South Africa

Tom Robinson MGS
Tom Robinson is from Prestwich

An enterprising pupil has launched a charity to help disadvantaged people in South Africa learn to play cricket.

Tom Robinson, 16, a pupil at The Manchester Grammar School, has created that allows people to donate their unwanted pieces of cricket equipment which will then be shipped to South Africa to help aspiring cricketers in impoverished areas of Cape Town.

He decided to set up the charity after a school cricket trip to Cape Town last year, where they played against a side put together by South African cricket star Gary Kirsten.

Tom said: “Whilst most members of our team had more than one bat and several pieces of spare equipment, our opposition had to share three bats and sets of pads etc between the whole team.

“What the team lacked in equipment, they made up for in enthusiasm, and following the game, I felt compelled to try and help make a contribution towards addressing this imbalance.

“I have since formed a link with the Gary Kirsten Foundation in Cape Town, and they are desperate for any equipment and clothes you would be willing to donate.

“The simple idea for this possible venture is to gather around one full container’s worth of equipment from clubs and schools around Manchester to then ship over to Cape Town to be distributed where best needed.

“Many players, at almost every age group, replenish their kit as it either becomes too small or slightly obsolete at the start of each season.

“While this kit now lies redundant here in Manchester, players from the poorer areas of Cape Town would relish the chance to use this equipment.

“My idea is to gather this discarded and no longer required equipment via a charitable donation from fellow players from clubs and schools, to then send over in a shipping container to Cape Town.

“With your generosity and cooperation, we really can make a difference to these players, who would be extremely appreciative of any help you can offer.”

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