H1VE fitness studio to open in Stockport in January 2020

H1VE in Stockport

A new addition to the Stockport leisure scene is promising ‘an exciting, fresh approach to fitness’.

Scheduled to open in early January 2020, H1VE has been conceived to cater for those seeking a high-tech, boutique-style fitness experience which ‘blends the health, wellbeing and social benefits of group exercise with all the benefits you would expect from personal training’.

The state-of-the-art fitness studio – the first of its type to launch in Stockport – will offer group classes led by fitness industry “rockstar” coaches, which combine cardio, functional, strength and conditioning training.

Members will take part in activities as part of a group but also use high-tech equipment, including integrated MYZONE technology, to digitally monitor their workouts, set their own benchmarks and track progress against personal goals, with session coaching tailored to each individual accordingly.

As part of an agreement with Life Leisure, H1VE members will also be able to attend studio classes, use gyms, and benefit from swimming facilities at any of Life Leisure’s Stockport-based centres – including Stockport Sports Village (SSV) in Woodley where H1VE will be based.

In another break from many traditional gym environments, H1VE will also operate on a non-contract basis.

“This will be a really different breed of facility for Stockport,” said industry expert Ruth Lynch, a group exercise specialist of 25 years and one of the driving forces behind H1VE’s launch.

“H1VE will be about harnessing the benefits of working together to help individuals achieve their own personal goals whatever their shape, size or fitness level.

“This ethos will be integral to the type and style of classes on offer. It’s also the reason we are going to keep membership numbers deliberately low.

“We want to provide an environment where people can really get to know each other, build bonds, and have fun getting fit as a community – one of the best ways to do that is to focus on quality not quantity.”

With no money required upfront, membership of H1VE will cost £60 per month.

Anyone interested in membership should email hello@h1ve.co.uk or enquire via the website www.h1ve.co.uk.