The Lost Book of King Arthur to be Pennine Dragon follow-up

Lost book of King Arthur and author Simon Keegan
Simon standing at the River Douglas in Wigan. According to the Historia Brittonum, Arthur fought at the Tribruit and the Dubglas. Simon believes they are the Ribble, which flows into the Douglas

The author of the best-selling King Arthur book Pennine Dragon is back with his latest new release – and it promises to reveal the lost history of the legendary ruler.

Earlier this year the controversial Pennine Dragon claimed that King Arthur – long associated with Cornwall and Wales – was actually from what is now the north of England.

Author and former Stockport Express journalist Simon Keegan, 37, has now penned a sequel, The Lost Book of King Arthur.

The Lost Book of King Arthur
The Lost Book of King Arthur is the follow-up to Pennine Dragon

Simon, who previously lived in Heaton Chapel, appeared on BBC Breakfast and BBC Look North to explain his discoveries – and a chapter of Pennine Dragon was published exclusively by South Manchester News.

According to his studies, the real Arthur’s kingdom extended from Hadrian’s Wall down to Cheshire – including what is now South Manchester.

As well as several other sites the book identifies Arthur’s Camelot with a Roman fort called Camulod which is now occupied by Outlane Gold Course in Slack near Huddersfield which served as a halfway house between Manchester and York.

Since the book came out the site has been granted greater protection by Historic England.

Simon’s new book, The Lost Book of King Arthur, reveals exactly how the historic king Arthwys ap Mar became the legendary King Arthur.

Simon told South Manchester News: “In some of the key Arthurian texts the authors refer to lost sources that were handed down containing the history of Arthur.

“By understanding who Arthur was and where he ruled I have been able to pin down the contents of these books and in one case even identify the precise author and where the last surviving manuscript could be found.”

Pennine Dragon is available from Amazon and Waterstones.

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Simon Keegan with BBC Breakfast presenters Sally Nugent and Charlie Stayt
Simon Keegan with BBC Breakfast presenters Sally Nugent and Charlie Stayt