Manchester Credit Union invests in workforce to increase members and grow payroll partnerships

Manchester Credit Union has made two new appointments to grow its membership and build new partnerships with companies across the city and beyond, so workers reap the benefits of loans and savings.

The social enterprise, which has its headquarters on Queen Street in the city centre, has appointed Dawn Cowderoy as the business development and marketing manager, and digital apprentice Bayley Harding – both of which are new roles in the organisation.

Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge with an honours degree in marketing and a long career in financial services, previously working for Liverpool-based Modus Wealth Management and the Wealth Manager Investec.

Bayley, who joined in April, brings customer service, digital and graphic design skills to the team. 

The aim of the new business development team is to increase awareness of the credit union’s services to new members and increase the number of businesses that use its BEESMART payroll service – a free payroll deduction scheme where companies can offer their employees access to affordable saving and loan products at no risk to the company. 

Since Dawn has been leading the business development, the credit union has secured two major employers to join the payroll scheme and she is looking to build strong working relationships with Manchester employers in the coming months to encourage them to offer BEESMART to their employees.

Dawn said: “It is fantastic to be a part of Manchester Credit Union. I want to make sure as many organisations as possible across Manchester know about our BEESMART payroll services.

“It is a free and simple way of building financial resilience in the workplace – which is more important than ever coming out of the pandemic. 

“Poor financial wellbeing has a negative impact on health – which can affect productivity, performance and attendance at work, so at no cost to a business, BEESMART can help improve the wellbeing of their workforce – and build loyalty, too. 

“Deductions from your pay packet each month is an easy way to save and pay back a loan. It also ensures people do not fall into the trap of getting high interest loans and using pay day lenders as this is where the spiral of debt starts. We want to ensure Mancunians do not become financially vulnerable and are able to thrive.”

The credit union works with organisations including Manchester City Council, Christie’s, Trafford Housing Trust and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. 

Christine Moore, chief executive of Manchester Credit Union, said: “I am delighted to have Dawn and Bayley join the team.

“We have taken steps to invest in business development and marketing so more and more workers and employees can benefit from being part of Manchester Credit Union.

“We’ve already helped thousands of employees improve their financial wellbeing, and I am proud that through the pandemic we have been able to support key workers and vital businesses and organisations through our payroll partnerships.

“I am looking forward to building on these partnerships over the coming year.”

For more information on how your business or organisation can sign up to BEESMART so you can support your employees go to: