Manchester Grammar GCSE results ‘in a very select group of schools’

Manchester Grammar School boys
Another year of outstanding GCSE results for Manchester Grammar School saw 17 boys achieve a combination of A*s and grade 9s

Pupils at The Manchester Grammar School are celebrating another year of exceptional GCSE exam results.

Most GCSE subjects are now graded using a 9-1 scale, in which a 9 indicates a level of performance higher than an A*, whilst 8 is equivalent to an A* and 7 to an A. A small number of subjects still use the old letter grading.

In those subjects using the 9-1 scale, an outstanding 45% of all grades achieved by MGS pupils were grade 9.

  • 71% of all grades achieved were 9 or 8, or A*, a record for the School.
  • 89% of all grades awarded were at 9/8/7 or A*/A.
  • 17 MGS pupils achieved the highest grade possible in all their subjects, a truly outstanding achievement.
  • 114 MGS boys were awarded exclusively a combination of 9, 8 and 7 or equivalent grades.

These GCSE results follow another outstanding set of A-level results for MGS pupils last week, with 32% of all grades at A*, 75% at A* or A, and 89% at A*, A or B (or Pre-U equivalent).

This level of performance puts MGS in a very select group of schools nationally.

The school’s High Master, Dr Martin Boulton, said, “I am very proud of the outstanding results our pupils have once again achieved, and delighted that their talent and hard work have been rewarded.

“They can now approach the next exciting stage in their academic careers with real confidence. I would also like to thank our dedicated staff for the support they have given to our boys.”

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