St Ann’s Hospice and the Samaritans share £17,000 gift from Stockport Mayor

Mayor of Stockport Chris Gordon
Mayor of Stockport Chris Gordon

The retiring Mayor of Stockport, Councillor Chris Gordon, is leaving almost £17,000 as a parting gift for two charities close to his heart.

St Ann’s Hospice and the Samaritans will share raised the money from fundraising events over the last 12 months.

His late mum, Betty, was a patient at the Heald Green hospice in 1996, while Cllr Gordon was a telephone volunteer for the Samaritans for 21 years.

Cllr Gordon said: “In some ways the two charities complement each other because they’re both concerned with the health and well-being of the local population.

“St Ann’s has always been one of the charities I’ve supported and I swore that I’d help them during my year in office after the care and compassion shown to our family during my mum’s illness.

“I’ve had a magnificent year as mayor, even though it’s been hard work.

“People think it’s just about attending dinners but there’s a lot involved, including meeting some amazing volunteers who give both time and money.

“The incredible dedication of Stockport people is one of the things I’ll take away from my year.”

Cllr Gordon is originally from Cheadle and now lives in Bredbury where he has been a councillor for 18 years.

He took up civic duties after retiring from his job as Head of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary and has been involved in the voluntary sector for 54 years.

Cllr Gordon met talented local artist Akther Bano at a painting competition last June and introduced her to St Ann’s where her art work is now on display and enjoyed by patients.

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