Photos reveal Wythenshawe Hall fire damage

Fire-damaged Wythenshawe Hall (Manchester City Council)
Fire-damaged Wythenshawe Hall (Manchester City Council)

New photographs have revealed the extent of the damage to Wythenshawe Hall, severely damaged in a fire.

The roof and upper floor of the Tudor-era was badly damaged on March 15 .

Manchester City Council has released photographs showing shattered stained glass windows and blackened beams.

The authority said “crucial archaeological work” is taking place at the timber-framed mansion, which was built in 1540.

It was home to the Tatton family for about 400 years.

First Floor Wyth Hall

First Floor Wyth Hall 3

Fire-damaged Wythenshawe Hall (Manchester City Council)Fire-damaged Wythenshawe Hall (Manchester City Council)