Beechwood celebrates £120,000 silver lining

Allen Whittaker and Angela Gray from Beechwood
The late Beechwood CEO Allen Whittaker and fundraising manager Angela Gray

Stockport charity Beechwood Cancer Care Centre was given an early Christmas present after the Silver Wing appeal has smashed its target.

The appeal aimed to raise £100,000 in a year but thanks to kind-hearted Stockport residents and many more across Greater Manchester – this target has been exceeded – reaching a grand total of £120,000.

This year marks Beechwood’s 25th anniversary of care in the community and the Silver Wing Appeal was set up in partnership with the Stockport Express in recognition of the landmark date.

Now, thanks to the appeal, Beechwood has been extended to enhance the patient experience, and that of their loved ones, as well as extending community facilities and a new charity shop.

Some of the amazing events that people have done in support of the appeal include a wing walk by Pat Peacock, who now manages the new charity shop at Beechwood’s headquarters, schoolchildren donating their pocket money, the first Man@Manchester event – which saw Jason Manford perform to hundreds of male guests, and a wedding couple that donated their gift money.

Angela Gray, fundraising manager at Beechwood, said: “I can’t thank people enough for the support they have given to the Silver Wing Appeal. It always amazes me how kind people are.

“Every pound will make a huge difference to our patients and their families, so on behalf of every one at Beechwood we would like to say 100,000 thank yous.”

Chief executive of the charity Allen Whittaker also showed his gratitude.

He said: “I am so proud of the generosity shown to our charity by the Stockport residents and business sponsors.

“Without the help of the community, Beechwood would not be able to support all the patients and families who need our help. A big thank you to all.”