Actor Sheen backs Manchester Credit Union campaign

Christine Moore with actor Michael Sheen

Manchester Credit Union has launched a campaign to help borrowers escape high cost debt and find a better way to save and borrow – with the backing of actor Michael Sheen.

The new campaign – #YoureBetterOffWithUs – sees them join forces with other credit unions across Greater Manchester for Credit Union Awareness Week to urge borrowers to leave behind expensive credit cards, doorstep and pay day loans, and high interest retailers.

Christine Moore, CEO of Manchester Credit Union, said: “We know slick advertising, catchy jingles and popular cartoon characters can entice you in to taking out a loan – which seems like your only option at the time.

“Then once you have signed up to a high interest credit card, bought something from a high interest retailer or used a payday or doorstep lender, it is not easy to escape.

“Manchester Credit Union may not be glitzy – but we do know how to perform when it comes to making sure you are borrowing responsibly, with a competitive interest rate and affordable repayments.

“Whilst repaying your loan with MCU, you will also be building up a savings pot for the future, so when your loan is paid off you are not back in the same position.

Sheen visited Manchester Credit Union’s headquarters in the city centre ahead of Credit Union Awareness Week to show his support for the campaign.

Christine added: “It is great to have the backing of Michael – we hope with his support more people with become aware of our work.

“We would urge anyone with cash to invest to open one of our Gold Saver accounts, which pays a higher dividend, and will be used to do good in Manchester, by allowing us to help more people who might be struggling, as they really will be better off with us. We really do care about people, not profit – and you really are better off with us.

“Our online services and applications make it easy for people to be able to find the right deal for them, and we also have the benefit of having friendly branch staff, so if people feel more comfortable speaking to an expert face to face – they can.”

Since 2000 Manchester Credit Union has lent more than £60m to members living or working in Manchester, and in the last 12 months, 5,915 new savings accounts have been opened, 14,947 loans have been granted totalling £8.8m and the credit union has saved people more than £5m in interest.

  • For more information on Manchester Credit Union or to join online go to, call 0161 231 5222 or call into the headquarters at Ground Floor, Queens Court, 24 Queen’s Street, Manchester, M2 5HX.