Greenbank Preparatory School raises £700 for Macmillan Cancer Care

Greenbank's Bake Off for MacMillan
Greenbank's Bake Off for MacMillan

Greenbank Preparatory School in Stockport held their own giant Bake Off for Macmillan Cancer Care as hundreds of show-stopping cakes and pastries were made by the Parents’ Association.

The now annual event at the top independent primary in Cheadle Hulme raised over £700 for the cancer care charity.

Headmistress Janet Lowe said it ‘had us buzzing all day with something of a sugar rush, even if the children unlike the parents and sadly the teachers were on strict rations’.

She added: “Many of our families will have been touched by cancer and this annual event is always hugely supported and is an important day in our calendar.”

Pictured above are mums Cheryl Walker (left) and Jacqui Bryning with their daughters, Iris holding the cake, and Maia.

Jacqui, clearly a fan of Mary Berry, said: “There wasn’t a soggy bottom to be seen, all lovely and crisp with a good bite and even bake.”

At the back are with Janet Lowe are Natasha Silver, Heather Davenport and Zahra Rasul.

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