Husband-and-wife team say farewell to Stockport school

Sheila Marsh and her husband Phil

Lady Barn House School in Stockport will say a fond farewell to husband-and-wife team Sheila Marsh and her husband Phil retire after 29 years combined service.

Sheila has been at Lady Barn for 17 years and was herself a music specialist and then a member of the senior management team for several years before being appointed eadteacher five years ago, while her husband, who is head of music, joined her 12 years ago.

Under Sheila’s leadership Lady Barn has advanced rapidly over the last five years with a full refurbishment of the Early Years Department, the creation of a new science laboratory, the development of state-of-the-art ICT across the school, investments recognised by the Cheadle school winning three national Independent Schools’ Association awards for Enterprise and Innovation in just the last three years.

The school roll has also risen from 449 to 484 as Lady Barn has become the largest co-educational independent preparatory school outside of London.

Sheila said: “My greatest aim was to instil even more magic into the ethos of the school, generate an even higher level of achievement and to set up the school for continued success in the future.

“The children have always been central to my thinking, enabling well-rounded, independent and caring individuals who have a thirst for life- long learning has been paramount.


“The entrance examination results this year are among the highest in the history of the school and I am so proud of the staff that I have led for the last five years and their commitment to the children’s well being and progress.”

After flying off to Barcelona on the first day of their retirement, Sheila and Phil plan to work on and publish all the original scores and lyrics Sheila has composed over the last 25 years for a string of superb children’s musicals, while also developing their own musical, artistic and literary talents.

Lady Barn House School’s chair of governors Peter Ward said: “Lady Barn House School has continued to flourish under Sheila’s constructive and compassionate leadership and with her husband Phil’s support and expertise wonderful music has been at the heart of our community.

“We all know they will have a creative and fulfilling retirement and as always will be very much a partnership, just as they have been at Lady Barn.”

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