Loreto engineers make bid for sponsors

Loreto Grammar School pupils Hannah Sheedy, Anna Allen, Dervla Foley, Orla Godfrey and Sinead Gibbons
Loreto Grammar School pupils Hannah Sheedy, Anna Allen, Dervla Foley, Orla Godfrey and Sinead Gibbons

Five young engineers from Loreto Grammar School are appealing for sponsorship from trade and industry in their search to build the green car of the future.

The forensic five need £3,300 to buy an initial starter pack kit car to enter the Greenpower Education Trust’s electric car of the future.

The winners will get the chance to showcase their models in a series of races around circuits such as Goodwood drawing national publicity as the search for cleaner greener transport hots up.

The year-long project for the Year 11 girls at the Altrincham school will enable the girls to explore the principles of electrical generation, weight to power ratios, mechanics and aerodynamics among many key topics and aims to inspire the next generation to find the solutions to carbonisation that their parent’s generation have so far failed to uncover.

The ambitious young women argue any sponsor will be backing a winner in choosing to support the Loreto team. All five are members of the school’s Teen Tech club, which has won the national STEM Teentech awards in each of each of the last two years and is one of only 10 pilot schools nationwide chosen to flagship Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as positive career paths.

Loreto has also win a Manchester University Cryptography competition in honour of Alan Turing and are sure to be able to argue their case having recently won the Manchester Mock Trails law competition in Minshull Street Magistrates Court,

Hannah Sheedy, 15, from Stretford, who wants to work in biomedical engineering said: “I just want to do something with my life that helps society and what is more important at this moment in history than finding cleaner transport; it’s one of the most pressing concerns facing the planet.”

Sinead Gibbons, 16 from Urmston, who has won a British Interactive Media Association award and addressed top executives at Microsoft. said: “Green research isn’t going to be funded by government but by enterprise and we know that finding sponsorship is a vital part of the creative drive.”

Philippa Wynne. Head of Physics at Loreto Grammar School, said: “This is a winning team; once they get the bit between their teeth nothing can stop them and we hope business will recognise an opportunity to get involved and promote a special partnership between education and industry.”

If you are interested in getting involved in this project offering part or full sponsorship and or any technical and engineering guidance Loreto’s forensic five would love to hear from you. Please contact the school on 0161 928 3703

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