Marketing expert drives digital debate

Nichola Howard and Jeff Coghlan
Nichola Howard and Jeff Coghlan

Internationally-renowned digital and creative expert Jeff Coghlan has been helping businesses learn how to adapt to the new digital world.

The founder of Macclesfield-based digital agency, Matmi, who is also on the board at Creative England, came together with other creative, digital and media professionals at Blackpool Digital Expo to show individuals and business how to make the right investments with digital marketing, how to deliver services and engage digitally.

Jeff, who has been working in the digital and creative industry for more than 25 years, hosted a ‘Deal Makers’ networking breakfast at the expo held at the Village Hotel and took part in a lively Digital Debate with other specialists.

He said: “Websites should inform, be useful but entertaining. Not war and peace. We need to cut through a lot of noise and give people clear information and tools to create businesses that effectively promote themselves.

“Digital marketing is just marketing – but everything is interactive and it’s about creating content that your audience want to read and spreading it. It’s not rocket science.

“People are scared of this term digital but they shouldn’t be. Marketing is now about conversations and emotional connections rather than being sold to and that’s what it’s about.”

Event organiser of Blackpool Digital Expo, Nichola Howard, from Launch Events NW, said she was shocked at how many businesses in the room were paying for services without knowing how they were benefitting their businesses.

She added: “We all need to future proof our businesses but I, like many others that were at the expo, don’t always know what is best for our business.

“But the experts in the room gave great advice from not relying on one digital channel and looking after customer data, as digital services and channels will come and go but data will stay, to having email marketing as a key strategy and ultimately that content is king.

“It feels good to know that visitors walked away from the day with new knowledge, business skills and connections.”

Launch Events NW will be holding its next expo Media City Expo on May 18, where exhibitors and visitors can explore and connect with cutting edge creative, digital and media organisations and debate the hot topics that are top of the tech agenda.

For more information on how to visit or exhibit at the next expo contact Nichola via or call 07763 633 749