Redrock Stockport starting to take shape

Redrock Stockport
Redrock Stockport

Steel frames have started going up at Redrock Stockport to give a glimpse of the transformation taking place.

Cranes have started lifting sections of the frame for the new 10 screen The Light Cinema into place, as work with Wates Construction on the new £45m Redrock Stockport presses ahead.

Redrock will transform the area of Stockport town centre behind Princes Street into a new leisure destination when it opens next year and will include restaurants, including Zizzi and Pizza Express, cafes, shops and car parking, thousands of new visitors will to Stockport each year to enjoy everything on offer at Redrock and across the rest of the town centre.

Redrock is part of a £1 billion transformation taking place across Stockport including better transport links and new homes.

Councillor Kate Butler, Executive Member for Economy and Regeneration at Stockport Council, said “It is great to see the frames starting to go up at Redrock, and how the work is beginning to take shape. I am really excited about everything taking place across our town centre at the moment and how the town is changing.

“From the investments being made around the Market Place, to the improved links that are being created between areas of the town centre and our new developments, it is fantastic to see how work is coming together and the transformation taking place.”

Redrock Stockport
How Redrock Stockport will look