Ryder Cup course pro ‘joins’ Withington Golf Club

Chandler Withington
Chandler Withington (Twitter @CWithingtonHNGC)

US Ryder Cup course pro Chandler Withington is now an honorary  member at his namesake club in south Manchester.

The Hazeltine National Golf Club’s head professional has taken up honorary membership with Withington Golf Club.

Withington even hopes to make the trip next year to celebrate his new club’s 125th anniversary next year.

Hazeltine Narional in Minnesota is hosting this weekend’s Ryder Cup clash between the USA and Europe – with Europe hoping to win the trophy for the fourth time in a row.

Withington – who is only the third head golf professional in Hazeltine’s history – accepted the offer of membership at Withington Golf Club, saying on social media: “I am honoured! Moving your club to the top of my ‘to play’ list.

“I humbly accept (the offer of membership). Which makes this my first and only private club membership. Thrilled and cannot wait to pay you all a visit!”


Withington Golf Club chairman Alan Wilding said: “Members are the lifeblood of any club, and we have had an incredibly successful year bringing new players in – to add to that, news of the link with Mr Withington based at the home of the 2016 Ryder Cup has created quite a buzz at the club.

“While we will be cheering opposing sides during the Ryder Cup, Chandler will be assured of a very warm welcome any time he comes to Withington.

“It would be an honour to introduce him to our course, and incredible if he were in the region during our 125th anniversary celebrations next year.”

Withington also mentioned his new links during the Ryder Cup special on Radio 5 live.