St Ambrose College computing whizzkid in country’s top 50

St Ambrose College sixth former Matthew Sullivan
St Ambrose College sixth former Matthew Sullivan

Brilliant young St Ambrose College sixth former Matthew Sullivan wants to use his programming skills to help co-ordinate the chemical engineering component of tomorrow’s nuclear industry.

Matthew has just left the Hale Barns school with two A*s in computing and maths, A grades in physics and chemistry and was awarded the AQA Examination Board’s top honour after coming in the top 50 in the country from nearly 3,000 candidates.

Matthew, who is a national level swimmer, inherited his passion for computing from his father who has a web development business and says he has never played the sort of games that keep other teenagers twitching for hours.

He said: “They just don’t entertain me, there is so much more you can do with the computing power at your finger tips than play games.”

He will now take a year off working in industry before going up to Bath University to read chemical engineering and is already aiming for a high level career in innovative applications.He said: “You have to take a logical approach, but it also helps to be imaginative and to think outside of the box.”

St Ambrose College computing teacher Peter Anderson said: “There is just so much a teacher can impart. Matthew embraced the subject and took the broad and imaginative perspective that is the hallmark of a genuinely inventive and innovative mind.”

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