Stockport care team winners at nursing awards

Student Placement of the Year - Stockport's Community winning photo
Student Placement of the Year - Stockport's winning team

A team which provides healthcare for patients in the Stockport community has been recognised for its excellence in supporting students and trainees at the Student Nursing Times awards.

The Stockport Intermediate Care Team, a joint service between Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council which provides nursing and therapeutic support to patients in their homes and residential care homes, won the ‘Community Placement of the Year’ award at this year’s Student Nursing Times Awards in London.

They were rewarded for going out of their way to support students placed with the team, with immensely positive feedback from everyone who trained with them. The team were recognised for their strong network of support, and for their enthusiasm and caring attitude.

The judges said of the team “They have won this category because they demonstrated passion, enthusiasm and motivation for the student learning experience. Not only did they meet the judges’ criteria but they exceeded all expectations. The judges unanimously agreed that this community placement is an inspiration.”

Judith Morris, Director of Nursing and Midwifery for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust said, “A good career in nursing and healthcare depends to a great degree on the quality of training which you receive as a student.

“I am delighted that the excellent support provided by the Stockport Intermediate Care Team to their students has been recognised with this award, supported by the testimony of the students themselves. The trust is very proud of them.”

Jenni Middleton, editor of the Nursing Times, said: “If you are training to be a nurse or are already a nurse, you are a pretty exceptional person.

“It is an incredibly tough job. It is an amazingly rewarding profession. And it takes someone incredibly special to do it. It takes skill, it takes knowledge, it takes hard work, it takes dedication, and it takes commitment to be a nurse.

“At Nursing Times, we want to support nurses to be the best they can be. Our Nursing Times Awards winners and Student Nursing Times Awards winners are role models of what hard work, commitment and talent can see you achieve.”