Talking About My Generation campaign to challenge stereotypes about growing old

The Talking About My Generation campaign
The Talking About My Generation campaign will take place in eight Greater Manchester boroughs

Campaigners from across Greater Manchester want to change the record on what people think of growing older in the region.

People aged 50 and over have teamed up for a new campaign – Talking About My Generation – to smash stereotypes and show what it’s really like to age in the region.

The campaigners will be up skilled to take on a reporter’s role to share stories on people from their generation, to celebrate their lives and value in society, as well as highlighting challenges associated with ageing and how they are being overcome.

Christine Duffin, 59, who is helping lead the campaign in Manchester, said: “Unfortunately my experience has been that some people will overlook the positives of the over-50s age group, like wisdom, experience and knowledge.

“I am keen to share my own experience since retirement as part of the campaign and those of others, to challenge the views that retirement and getting older means we have nothing further to contribute and to show that there is plenty of opportunity to meet lots of different people, gain new skills, and use and share existing skills – and have fun.”

Talking About My Generation will report on key issues for later life, from retirement and bereavement to staying active.

The campaign reporters will do this through different medias; from hosting their own radio show, creating videos, writing news reports, poetry, photography, stage performances, podcasting and much more.

The campaign is part of an Ambition for Ageing project, with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, and is being co-delivered with the support of PR social enterprise Yellow Jigsaw and Age UK partners from Wigan, Salford, Tameside, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Bolton and Manchester.

Grace Dyke, from Yellow Jigsaw, said: “We are at risk of sounding like a broken record when we talk about the older generation. It is not all purple rinses, nylon dresses, rocking chairs and mumbles of ‘back in my day’.

“The Talking About My Generation Campaign is challenging these views and changing the record on growing older – showing what this is really like for people in Greater Manchester by celebrating people’s lives over the age of 50. Please join us to share how people are rocking retirement.”

Ray Gridley, chief executive of Age UK Manchester, says the charity is delighted to be a partner in this new campaign.

He added: “It is fantastic that the campaign is being run by people who themselves know what it is like to be over 50 in Greater Manchester. We hope each story will challenge misconceptions and stereotypes.”

Christine Duffin
Christine Duffin is helping lead the campaign in Manchester