Life Leisure helping with new year regimes

The #myfitnesspledge campaign is all about helping people to stick with their resolutions

Life Leisure
Life Leisure's team, front row, left to right: Lisa Hamilton and Nicola Farrell; back row, left to right: Tom Shirley, Mike Brickhall, Alex Torvell, Emma Mooney and Rob Clare

Life Leisure in Stockport has launched a new scheme to help people stick to their new year resolutions.

The #myfitnesspledge campaign is all about helping people to stick with their regime and to reap the benefits, by encouraging realistic short, medium and long term goals.

Life Leisure’s marketing and communications manager, Laura Mylotte, said: “It is a well- known fact that setting a specific goal is more effective than simply saying ‘I will take more exercise’.

“It is also more effective if the goal is attainable but still presents a challenge, whether it is to perform a specific exercise, achieve more repetitions, lose some weight or change your body shape or perhaps take on a challenge such as a triathlon, charity cycle or swim.

“The choice is very much down to the individual, what they want to achieve.”

Each #myfitnesspledge is registered with a Life Leisure fitness coach, as it is also recognised that people work better when they get support from others.

Life Leisure’s team will regularly check on progress, helping, encouraging and motivating everyone to achieve their personal fitness pledge, however large or small that may be.

Laura added: “At Life Leisure we are dedicated to helping our local community to a healthier and happier lifestyle through fitness. This campaign addresses all the issues people have with sticking to their exercise resolutions.

“Helping people to make a routine and help turn it into a habit, to exercise with others, as arranging to meet up tends to keep people interested and inspired to make the effort.

“Having a coach who is genuinely interested in the individual and helping them to achieve their goals is invaluable and of course it makes it more fun and enjoyable.”

For more information about Life Leisure and the #myfitnesspledge campaign visit the Life Leisure website or call on 0161 482 0900.