Healthy living message competition for Stockport pupils

Totally Local Company has launched a competition to promote the key messages of healthy living and wellbeing to primary school children in Stockport.

Working in partnership with Life Leisure, pupils are invited to create a short video.

The video can take any form, such as a song/pop video, dance, poem, play or chat show, as long as it addresses and promotes healthy living and wellbeing.

A winning entry will be chosen from both Key Stage One and Two. The children from each winning class will receive a month’s Life Leisure kids’ pass and a pass for their teacher. The winning videos will be promoted online.

Totally Local Company’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Jacqueline Shalks said: “We are excited to promote the subject of healthy living and positive wellbeing to local school children and their families.

“We are in an age where young people utilise platforms such as video and audio to express their views on life.

“We felt that creating a competition that enables children to express themselves in this way would encourage creativity, collaborative working and shared ideas on this very important topic.”

Laura Mylotte, Head of Marketing at Life Leisure, added:  “As Stockport’s biggest leisure provider, we are keen to encourage young children to learn and understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. There is a worrying trend both nationally and locally in the incidence of childhood obesity.

“We are keen to support Totally Local in delivering this fantastic competition which will not only get children thinking about the importance of a healthy lifestyle but it will also encourage them to be creative using the very technology that is contributing to a more sedentary lifestyle.

“This competition encourages the subject to be discussed with parents, teachers and children in a fun and creative way meaning the messages could have an even wider impact.

“We look forward to seeing the videos and helping to get these key messages in the forefront of their minds.”

Totally Local Company is the ‘one-stop’ provider of choice for a range of private and public sector organisations across Greater Manchester.

They provide a range of facility management services from catering, school meals, cleaning and ground maintenance, to security, waste management, street lighting, civil engineering and signage.

The deadline for entries is Friday, April 5, 2019 – any schools that want to be involved should contact