Marple skatepark completed with Life Leisure funding

Stockport Leisure provider gives almost £12,000 in community funding

Cody Whittaker tries out Marple Skatepark
Cody Whittaker tries out Marple Skatepark

Life Leisure has stepped in with almost £12,000 to complete the redevelopment of Marple Memorial Park skatepark in Stockport.

The improved skatepark offers users of all disciplines, including skateboarders, in-line skaters, BMX riders and scooters, the most extensive facilities in the borough.

The new facility, designed for and by the local residents with extensive input from community groups, local skater Lewis Abbott and students at Marple Hall School is the result of an extensive fundraising campaign led by the Friends of Marple Memorial Park Group.

Lewis said: “It’s been a real rollercoaster raising the funds we needed but with help from partners and great fundraising from the community we’ve been able to bring the project to fruition.

“Having been involved with the skatepark’s development for the past 10 years, the project is very special to me and it’s great to see further investment in this important community asset.”

Friends of Marple Memorial Park

A target of £100,000 had been set in order to complete the works necessary to transform the existing facility, which had fallen into disrepair.

By the beginning of March, the community had raised over £51,157 which Stockport Council had agreed to match fund, taking the total to £101,157.

But last-minute construction issues threatened to throw the project off course when it was estimated that over £11,000 worth of additional funding would be required to keep the skatepark on track and avoid costly future maintenance.

A £11,750 community funding award donated by Life Leisure meant that plans to launch the new facility this spring could proceed.

A special “Celebration Jam” was organised by Friends of Marple Memorial Park at the skatepark on Easter Monday to mark the project’s completion.

Mark Whittaker, from the Friends of Marple Memorial Park Group, said: “The extra funding was a fantastic boost to the project and meant the lower section of the skatepark will be fully integrated with the new extended area and it will alleviate potentially difficult maintenance problems that were likely to arise in the future.

“We would like to thank Life Leisure for stepping in at such short notice and recognising the project’s importance to the local community.

Malcolm McPhail, CEO of Life Leisure, said: “Our job as a leisure trust isn’t just to run local sport and fitness facilities, it’s to make a difference to people’s lives by making sport and activity more fun, accessible and inclusive.

“That’s exactly what the new skatepark does and why we felt it was such a good project to support.”