Trafford’s mini moguls learn about big business

Enterprise Day 16
Pictured from left to right are Caitlin from St. Monica's, student mentor Delfin, David from St. Hugh of Lincoln, Lauren from St. Teresa's, student mentor Carlisa, Ruby from Highfield, Jahfarha from St. Alphonsus and Megan from Our Lady of the Rosary.

Mini moguls from primary schools across Stretford and Urmston put their heads together for a key meeting at St Antony’s Catholic College on a day devoted to drumming home the principals of profit making.

Over 100 young entrepreneurs aged only eight and nine-years-old learned that integrity, service and endeavour were the keys to success and that get rich quick schemes rarely lived up the hype.

Children from St Monica’s, St Hugh of Lincoln, St Teresa’s, Highfield, Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Alphonsus, joined teachers and student mentors for a day of business scenarios, quizzes, lectures and lessons designed to inspire tomorrow’s Lord Bransons and Lord Sugars.

Megan, eight, from Our Lady of the Rosary, said: “I learned that it is important to gain experience, develop your skills, network, participate, work hard and try, try and try again.”

Lauren, nine, from St Teresa’s, added: “We looked at how some famous people had been successful such as Levi Roots, Lord Sugar and JK Rowling and discovered just how hard they had worked to make their dreams come true.”

St Antony’s students mentor Carlisa Da Silva, 14, said: “You need to be patient, kind and compassionate, never lose your temper but always try to do better. It’s about being a professional.”

Fellow mentor Delfin Kunjumon, 13, added: “You need to plan ahead and take one step at a time and you need to reinvest every penny until you have achieved your dreams.”

St Antony’s Headteacher Fiona Wright said: “The work place is going to look very different in 10 to 15 years time when these bright young minds are looking to make their mark.

“They will need high level skills, be prepared to run their own businesses rather than be employed and be creative, innovative and disciplined and I was very heartened to see how much they understood even at such a tender age.”