Local pupils sample big school at St Antony’s

Primary pupils get a taste of big school at St Antony's
Primary pupils get a taste of big school at St Antony's

St Antony’s hosted primary school pupils from across Stretford and Urmston who got a taste of big school for the day.  

In partnership with Loretto school, The Urmston based Catholic Church school, hosted over 150 children from seven different primary schools.

As such, the college designed lessons aimed to engage and enthuse the Year Five budding boffins.

Milo, 10, from English Martyrs, said: “I loved ICT because we learned how to animate on screen.”

Kerin, 10, from St. Alphonsus added: “I enjoyed the Food Technology because we learned how to make doughnuts and now I get to take them home for mum and dad.”

Millie, 10, from St. Teresa’s said: “I enjoyed the Science and using the bunsen burners. We saw how we could change to the colour of the flame by testing it with different metals.”

Because the pupils get a lot of benefit from it, the taster day is part of St. Antony’s transition programme and is always a hit with children and their host teachers alike.

St. Antony’s Headteacher Fiona Wright said: “It’s such an incredible pleasure having the young ones in the school.

“They are always so enthusiastic, polite and happy and our staff and pupil mentors really enjoy opening their eyes to all the opportunities that secondary school will offer them in another year’s time.”

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