Stockport County shows support for Care4Calais charity

Stockport County's players led a hand at the charity's warehouse
Stockport County's players led a hand at the charity's warehouse

Over the last week the charity Care4Calais has been inundated with generous donations from people in and around the Greater Manchester area wanting to help the Afghanistan humanitarian crisis.

So much so, the charity has filled its warehouse and taken a second with over 50 tonnes of donations to sort ready for distribution.

The Stockport County team attended Care4Calais’ Stockport warehouse to lend a hand to sort through the huge volumes of donations.

The club has also put a call out for volunteers from Stockport and surrounding areas to attend the warehouse between the hours of 10am and 6pm this week and next to help the charity sort through all the donations.

Anyone able to help support simply attends the Safestore site 61-63 Wellington Road North, Stockport from 10am each day and asks for Care4Calais’s lead volunteer Wayne.

County player Sam Minihan said: “We’ve been moved by the scenes coming from Kabul Airport with parents handing babies to soldiers desperate to provide them with a better life.

“Care4Calais provide on the ground support for refugees from war-torn countries and the donations provided here will help to cloth and feed these people during their time of need.

‘The scale of the operation is huge which is why we’ve come to the warehouse to lend a hand sorting through the donations. We urge anyone with some free time this week and next to get involved and donate some time to a great cause.”

Clare Moseley, spokesperson for Care4Calais added: “We were delighted to be joined by the Stockport County team.

“We’ve had such an amazing response from people across the region with generous donations of money, clothing and bedding.

“We’re now working through these so we can deploy them quickly to the people who need them the most. Anyone in the area able to come lend a hand then please come to our Safestore warehouse and support us as we help those in need of new beginnings.”