Withington trying to attract women into golf

Withington Golf Club's ladies academy
Withington Golf Club's ladies academy

Withington Golf Club is running a Ladies’ Golf Academy to attract more women into golf.

The next session with professional coaching is tomorrow (March 19) from 2pm-3pm and 3pm-4pm, and they continue through April.

There are also three-month and 12-month deals exclusively for ladies at the club on Palatine Road.

A new recruit at the Withington academy

Kara Norbury, lady captain at Withington, said: “Golf is an amazing game. It’s challenging, frustrating and ultimately extremely rewarding.

“All too often it is seen as a game for retired people and I am pleased that Withington is striving to change that.

“Our Ladies’ Golf Academy is designed to break down barriers for women wanting to get into golf.

“It gives them the technical basics, with lessons from our pro, but then encourages them to take it further, with temporary membership and then full membership at an amazing price.

“We couple this with a buddy scheme to help them with the rules, etiquette, and to make new friends.”

For details on the ladies’ academy call Helen Card on 07941 601737 or go to their webpage.

For details on Withington Golf go to the club’s website.