Could you make disabled children’s Christmas wishes come true?

Donors from Shepherd’s Friendly Society, with presents they delivered, and Seashell Trust's student Evie Gilbert
Donors from Shepherds Friendly Society, with presents they delivered, and Seashell Trust's student Evie Gilbert

A Stockport charity has written a present wishlist for the profoundly disabled children living away from their families over Christmas.

Seashell Trust in Cheadle Hulme is a national centre of excellence providing education, care and support for young people with severe learning disabilities which include little or no language abilities.

It engages the children with the world around them, helping them to become more independent and live fulfilling, creative and meaningful lives.

Some of the Seashell students live away from their families at the trust all year round due to their complexity of their conditions.

Wendy Bray, fundraiser with Seashell Trust, said: “We strive to ensure our youngsters have the same special Christmas that everyone else does.

“Throughout the year, we work with some extraordinarily generous companies which support us financially and in kind. Many ask at this time of year what they can give to the students as actual Christmas presents.”

These children may have special needs but also appreciate many of the gifts that will be appearing in other children’s stockings across Stockport.

Seashell staff that work with the young people every day have put together a list of things – from board games to computer games – they would love to receive and would help in their development.

The presents include assistive technology, sensory items, toys, clothes and stocking fillers.

Cameras and iPods help the children to share their daily activities with parents while they are away from home.

Lava lamps stimulate them visually while beanbags work on their sense of touch. – and everyone loves a Christmas selection box!

If you would like to make a very special child’s Christmas wish come true, please contact Wendy Bray at or 0161 610 0100.

To see the full Christmas wishlist visit Seashell Trust’s website here.

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